Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It was so nice today

I was so nice to day ... lol ;) 

So it was the warmest yet which is not necessarily a good thing but you know :D

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Haveing troubles.

I always have trouble with procrastination and staying motivated on a topic/thing always jumping to new things and never can stay on one thing and learn. I need to improve which is hard to do when people are too critical. 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Summer daze

So the warm non rainy nice weather has come. It brings spring cleaning with it .... yayyy(sarcasm). I think I might go outside but i might just stay in side all day and just play my computer :/ it is what I do every day. lack of motivation is always the disease like alcoholism or politics!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Another day Another dollar

So happy good Friday... well not so happy when its raining and all of the stores are closed because I forgot it was good Friday! well ... that was my fault :). So Easter is coming up soon and I am excited to get sick with stomach aches from over load of chocolate. Which reminds me that I should check if I am diabetic or not :/ no joke. well maby ;)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Take what is left and some how fill the space

So with nothing else and nothing ever to do I go back to video games this time I am going to play some CounterStrike Source or Team Fortress2

So the day is old but the night is young

So nothing was happening then out of no where my friends came to the rescue. Now we are hanging out in my room hanging out! I plan on hopefully doing something else but that's another though for another time :) .... browsing the chans

Lost with nothing to do

 So I retyped this post many times and this is my final re-edit. So I was going to downlaod requime and I think I might still but I doubt it. Then I started thinking about making my own PristonTale privet server but that idead quickly flew by. I am litsening to at the moment (Enviromental Product) makes me feel like dancing 

Happy 420

420. The day where everyone relaxe's and smokes up. Today I woke up around 10:30am I am thinking about showering or shaving my head because both of those solutions would work :x AHH Itchy Scalp!!. So now I have to think about what I can do while im doing nothing :/ Any suggestions?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What I am watching on youtube

These are my fave YouTube channels



My Favorite MMORPG

I used to play WoW (World Of Warcraft) then I played Rift and a crap ton of free mmorpg's. But the one that I keep coming back to is PristonTale! It has okay graphics a bad camera and is a grind fest but ... I really love this game it is genuine to the teeth!. There is a pristontale 2 but I played it and it is horrable In my opinion i'd rather stick to EPT (Eastern PristonTale)

My Second Post

Well I am Tired and it is 11:42pm but I might stay up till 4 like I usually do :/ I have to fix my sleeping patterns so I can start trying to lucid dreams. I realized that the best way to have experiences that are just out of the normal which Is why this will be party my dream journal.  ...  Maybe!

My First Blog

So here I am after doing nothing all day sense I have graduated High school. I admit I sent out some applications for a job but no luck so far. Well I am here I might as well introduce myself. Name is John I have always been interested in computers my goal is to get a Computer Tech job but I don't know exactly how I can go about doing this. Which spawns a rant that will be in the next post :).